Working with me remotely, Telemedicine

I am a licensed psychologist in both Virginia and California and serve clients living in both states. If you live too far away from Charlottesville, VA to visit me in my office, or if you simply prefer to see me from the comfort of your own home, I  provide services via a HIPPA compliant video conferencing platform called VSee. The process is very simple, like Facetime or Skype; however, it meets the very strict criteria set by HIPPA to protect your privacy information.

Telebehavioral health is a very convenient way of receiving therapy, as you can see me from any location. You only need to have a device, such as a tablet or computer, and have access to the internet.

Telebehavioral health is also a covered service on many insurance plans in both Virginia and California. In 1996 a law was passed in California mandating that managed health care service plans and insurers cover services that can be provided through telehealth. (See, Health and Safety Code, §1374.13, Welfare and Institutions Code §14132.72, and Insurance Code §§10123.13 and 10123.85.)

Some plans allow me to work as an out of network provider if you have a PPO. Please call your insurance carrier to see if your particular policy allows for telebehavioral health, or contact me if you have questions.

I can be contacted at 415-336-5343. You may also reach me from the contact form. (Therapy patients, please note all HIPAA Compliant communications should be done through the phone number listed above.)

To learn more about VSee, please look through the tutorial below:

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