Our Work Together

To be free is to feel connected to a wellness that cannot be eroded by challenging life circumstances. In Buddhism, living fully within this wellness is called enlightenment. Our work together is about helping you move toward this freedom; the freedom to feel well no matter what is happening in your life.

Clients often come to me saying, “I should be like this, but I am like that; my life should look like X and it looks like Y.” To stretch away from what is, judging it, trying to fix or change it is to suffer. Falling out of the mind and into being brings relief from suffering.

When our thoughts are scary stories about life we live in uncomfortable sensations; listening to scary stories about our lives and ourselves can create very intense sensations that we may try to escape from with unhelpful behaviors, such as overeating, excessive work or exercise, and addictions to drugs and alcohol. Our work together will interrupt this pattern, and help you move into deep self-acceptance and love.

As I listen, I will help you notice the thoughts and behaviors, these very old habits of mind, distracting you from experiencing your wellness. Together we will discover ways you can stay in the present, tracking sensation, noticing it as it rises and falls like waves. You will come to see there is no reason to try to change the water’s movements. Held in acceptance, it changes and moves on its own.