Adult Individuals

I work with adults experiencing a wide range of symptoms. Many of my clients experience anxiety and depression. Our work is to look below symptoms, to see how you can be present with yourself in a way that eases your suffering. We will use a variety of tools to help you stay present in your body and fall out of your thinking. As you relate differently to the noisy chatter in your mind, your symptoms may shift on their own. And, most importantly, as you learn to be present in your body you will know what your own widsom is guiding you to do. Taking medication, trying EMDR or EFT, exercising more frequently, doing body work…..there are many tools available to support you in your wellbeing. To know what is best for you, you have to learn to listen to and trust your own wisdom. My job is to help you see what distracts you from listening to yourself in this way.

I can be contacted at 415-336-5343. You may also reach me from the contact form. (Therapy patients, please note all HIPAA Compliant communications should be done through the phone number listed above.)