About Me

The wisest people I know are people who have a knowing about life that has come through direct experience and a dedicated practice of sitting with themselves and others. Wisdom cannot come from a book, nor can it come from staying away from what is difficult.

The training I received, first at Stanford as an undergraduate in psychology and then at UC Berkeley, where I earned my Masters and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, helped me hone my thinking mind. I learned to be a scientist. More specifically, I learned how very complex the truth is, and the way in which good research often leaves us with few answers and many questions. This knowledge helps me in my work with clients because it reminds me to go very slowly when coming to conclusions, and to listen carefully for the layers and layers of complexity.

Skillful therapy requires both thinking and being on the part of the therapist, and for me developing my being has been, in some ways, more challenging than developing my thinking self. Being takes courage. The practice of surrendering to what is and trusting that somehow staying with what is, as it is, is a good idea, is a radical choice. Much in our culture encourages us to try to change what we dislike and to feel we have failed if we cannot. Being requires staying with something that is painful without trying to change it or get away from it, and it can be terrifying. I am very lucky to have met teachers, in the way of therapists and meditation teachers, who have inspired me and encouraged my willingness to sit through, and with, the painful moments.

I love this work, especially because it requires me to keep growing, learning, and practicing in my own life. My ability to be helpful to you comes out of my own willingness to engage fully with life. What an awesome challenge.

Who I See

I see adult individuals and couples.

Moving Forward

Finding the right therapist for you may take some persistence.  I encourage you to keep searching until you find someone that feels like a good fit. When I meet with a new client, I consider the first few sessions to be a trial period, a time when we are figuring out if I am the best person to help you.

If you would like more information, or if you are interested in scheduling an appointment, either in person or via telemedicine, please don’t hesitate to contact me at 415-336-5343. I see clients in person in Virginia, and work remotely with therapy clients in California and Virginia.