This Here Now

I began yearning to awaken in my late 20s. My yearning was a desire to be free from pain. I had a story. The awakened One is all peace, all bliss, all love. I wanted Her. My ego wanted to become such perfection. And so, I began striving.

More than 20 years later, with many spiritual teachers behind me, I see awake as what we are. Awakening, rather than a beautiful end point, is a moment by moment opening to this here now.  It is not a better moment or a different moment. It is only a quiet surrender into this moment. That is all. No perfect experience. The experience itself is perfection.

Resting into the moment and noticing a presence that holds all you are without condition is incredibly healing. All the parts of you embraced by an experience of love that loves without condition.

The work we do together is one of listening in this direction. Without conditioned mind pulling your attention away, the experience of love, acceptance, peace, and well being is present. And that experience embraces pain. Pain is allowed. Pain is met without condition.

Regardless of your symptoms or your past experience,  you are made of a quiet that is not quiet, a wellbeing that does not need a good feeling, an experience of love independent of anything that has happened to you in relationship. Presence is what we are. There is nothing more vast than that, and nothing can change that. It is entirely ordinary. It is the ordinary magic of nature.

This way of seeing is at the foundation of the way I work with clients. My work is to listen to this here now and then follow and track the quiet, letting it be the guide. If I am the right support person for you, you will feel a remembering when we work together. You will notice a resonance.

Look within, trust yourself, follow a feeling.

I can be contacted at 415-336-5343. You may also reach me from the contact form. (Therapy patients, please note all HIPAA Compliant communications should be done through the phone number listed above.)